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Geppetto Avatars provides an artificial intelligence platform, software robots, if you will, to improve process, drive efficiency, and capture valuable analytics data in the health care, finance, education and entertainment settings.

Our virtual characters may offer solutions to many of the challenges facing the health care industry, including shortages in providers, high hospital readmission rates and a rapidly aging population. We know that the need for individualized, human interaction in health care will never go away. However, at Geppetto Avatars, we are building a virtual workforce that can help provide users of our platform with answers and advice on topics ranging from healthy living to important medical issues.

Soon, our characters will be available through several industry partners, and even available for purchase at major retailers. Continue to check this site, or follow us on Twitter, for product and partnership updates.

How we do it.

Gestures, expressions, tone and context – you can’t have an effective conversation without them. We’ve recognized a need to develop systems that support patient engagement. The characters we build have hearts, minds, and personalities of their own, giving people a better way to get important information when they need it.

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How are we different?

We use natural language processing, sentiment analysis, voice-to-text recognition, and real-time multimedia generation, combining it with art, psychology, narrative, and character design. But our key differentiator is our approach to analytics… while words are key, they’re only 60% of our communication. Our system also analyzes biometric data, vastly increasing the context of the communication.

The Result.

As you’ll see in the videos, our virtual assistant, Sophie, reads charts, asks relevant questions, and even helps the patient utilize a camera function to capture visual symptoms. Thanks to Sophie and her virtual colleagues, we’re able to recapture the simple but often forgotten art of listening to patients.

We allow home visits to happen once again.

From the clinician’s perspective (above): Healthcare providers can gather loads of data about a patient thanks to these non-threatening conversational interactions. By measuring patient expressions through natural language processing and micro-facial analysis of facial expressions, physicians may gain important diagnostic insights. In this video, Sophie and David discuss his asthma.

From the patient perspective (right):
 Patients interact in real time with a virtual assistant collecting patient information and providing healthcare advice related to prescriptions, symptoms, and sentiment. In this clip, Sophie helps Laura assess her psoriatic arthritis symptoms.

Who We Do It For

You’ll find the characters of Geppetto Avatars assessing a patient’s arthritis, teaching kids about asthma, or monitoring a patient’s treatment progress.

Health Care

Our healthcare platform creates immense opportunities for patients, providers and payers. Staffing shortages, an aging population and the Affordable Care Act have all contributed to the stress on an already overburdened system. The Geppetto platform has the potential to change care pathways and improve patient outcomes across the health care field.

Pharmaceutical companies seeking to demonstrate efficacy for new compounds could access clinical trial endpoints based on the capture of semantic expression data and biometric analytics. A virtual clinician able to assess physiologic and biologic data could help patients seeking a diagnosis of a rare disorder. Children coping with a chronic disease will have an attentive buddy to answer questions and check vital signs. And for the elderly, the Geppetto platform provides conversational companionship, caregiver support, case management and wellness monitoring.

In partnership with Health Nuts Media, Geppetto Avatars is developing avatars based on the Huff and Puff characters already being used in some health systems to help kids with asthma.

Other Industries

Our state-of-the-art solutions introduce avatar concepts to real-world health care, finance, education and entertainment settings to improve process flow, drive efficiency, and capture valuable analytics data that support our customers and help our users.

For example, ClickN Kids Digital’s partnership with Geppetto Avatars will provide their tablet with a natural language interface to help kids learn to effectively read and speak through reading, writing, and pronunciation apps using natural language and semantics.

About Us

Geppetto Avatars has brought the best minds in business, technology, health care, science and design. From the man who helped develop the world’s third dot-com and his attorney co-founder, a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of executive experience, the Geppetto Avatars team has created a state-of-the-art conversational platform for you.

We mean business: Our Chief Innovation Officer held the same role at Kaiser Permanente, and our Chief Technology Officer created the Android app for Dropbox. Over a 15-year period, Geppetto’s Chief Information Officer implemented more than 40 full life-cycle AI systems. And our Chief Business Officer held senior executive positions at Merck and Co., and Millennium Pharmaceuticals.

The Geppetto Avatars team has extensive depth and experience, not to mention a passion for the work we do.

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